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Fantastical Resource Shader (UE4)


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Fantastical Resource Shader (FRS) can be used in a wide variety of ways, such as --- Diablo styled resource orbs, potions, magical shielding, spell effects, and much more. There are over 45 different exposed parameters which allow for quick and easy effect manipulation via material instances or through blueprints. The effect can be changed entirely by   applying your very own texture map, which is also exposed. 

Imagine a mana resource orb --- while not casting any spells, the effect is slow and wistful. Casting minor spells will result in the effect churning downwards. Casting an extreme spell will result in the effect raging, tearing itself apart as the resource is being spent. This is just a very small example of what can be done using FRS. Endless possibilities, it's all up to your imagination. 

FRS will be updated periodically with additional options, enhancements, and demos. 

Supported Unreal Engine Versions:


What's included in the ZIP file:

3 Resource Shader Master Materials

12 Resource Shader Examples

27 Texture Maps (Normal and Grayscale)

1 Demo Blueprint

1 Demo Map

4 Basic Materials

2 Material Function

6 Basic Meshes

*Digital products are non-refundable

Release Notes


  • Potion examples
  • 2D disc examples
  • Additional options to the example blueprint


  • Touched up default settings
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