Dylan Amos
Dylan Amos
Lead Technical Artist @ Theia Interactive
Chico, United States

Self motivation comes naturally to me. I continuously create, learn, and expand my skillsets, knowledge, and proficiencies.

For the majority of my life, I've been infatuated with games, animation, storytelling, and eye catching visuals. Many times while watching animation, and playing through games, I've been overcome with emotion at witnessing the pinnacle of a story arc matched with breathtaking visual fidelity. My goal was, and even now, to bring such works to life with my own very hands.

With having worked with real-time 3D content for well over 7 years now, I've become very knowledgeable regarding the development pipeline. Especially in regards to optimizing content to run smoothly while pushing the boundaries on visual fidelity.

While a lot of my time has been spent with Unreal Engine, Substance Suite, and Autodesk Maya, I've developed many tools to streamline and improve workflows utilizing Python.